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Electronic Prescribing

We are now using the Electronic Prescription Service.

This service allows you to choose (‘nominate’) the pharmacy where you get your repeat medication from. This nomination is stored on your record so that when you request your repeat and we have dealt with it, the pharmacy will receive your prescription direct from us electronically. This will save you a trip to the Surgery to collect your prescription form. You can nominate a pharmacy close to your home or where you work. If you have not chosen (nominated) a pharmacy to receive your prescription, you will be given a prescription token to take into the pharmacy of your choice.

For more information view this PDF from NHS England

All repeat prescriptions are recorded on and issued from our Practice computer. This details all your repeatable prescribed medicines.  We regret we are unable to take repeat prescription requests over the telephone.

Please leave your request for a repeat prescription in the post box at the surgery or post it to us.  Repeat Prescriptions will be ready 48 hours later, excluding weekends and bank holidays.  Please see the Practice Information Leaflet for details of which medication requests may take longer.

If you need somebody to collect a prescription on your behalf, you need to complete a consent form confirming that you are happy for them to do so. Please ask for a form at Reception  or download here Prescriptions – for third party permission to collect

We are keen to ensure that patients with ongoing medical problems are monitored regularly. If the date for your next review with a doctor or nurse has passed you may be asked to make an appointment.

Prescription charges

Prescriptions are currently priced at £9.15

If you think you will have to pay for four or more prescriptions in three months or more than 14 items in 12 months, you may find it cheaper to buy a Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC) which costs £105.90 for a 12 month prepayment certificate or £29.65 for a three month prepayment certificate. You can order a PPC on line, by phoning 0845 850 0030 or by filling in an FP95 form. An FP95 form is available from some pharmacies.

If you are under 16 years of age, over 60 years of age, aged 16 – 18 years and in full time education, are pregnant or have had a baby in the last 12 months, have a valid medical or war exemption certificate, or are entitled to income support, income-based jobseeker’s allowance, pension credit guarantee credit or income-related employment and support allowance, or are an NHS inpatient then you will not have to pay for your prescription. Ensure that you fill out the reverse of the prescription form correctly and sign it, and have some proof that you are exempt from prescription charges with you when you collect your medication from the pharmacy.

For more information on help with prescription charges please view this page at the NHS website

Download our repeat prescription form

We provide a downloadable version repeat prescription request form that you can print and fill out and return Prescription Request

Ordering repeat prescriptions online

You can also order your repeat prescriptions using the online Patient Access system if you have registered for the service.  However, this is ONLY for repeat medications agreed by your doctor – find out more here

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