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Clinics & Services

The table below contains a comprehensive list of all the clinics and services offered by Victoria Road Surgery.

Clinic Details
Antenatal / Maternity We offer shared care (your doctor and the hospital) during your pregnancy. Most expectant mothers have their antenatal checks with the midwife who is based at South Lodge in Worthing. A doctor is available if required. Postnatal checks are necessary 6 weeks after the birth and you should book an appointment with the doctor for this.
Asthma / Respiratory It is recommended patients with Asthma are seen annually in our clinic (6-monthly if under the age of 16). Our specially trained nurses will ensure that treatment is effective by checking inhaler technique and measuring lung function regularly, referring you to your usual doctor.  Would all patients attending for Asthma appointments please remember to always bring along their inhalers.
Cervical Smears The nurses are trained to do Cervical Smears. All women aged between 25 and 64 years of age are automatically invited for a smear through the screening programme run by the Health Authority.
Child Health Surveillance By appointment only – a check by the doctor at 6-8 weeks for baby including injections. Development assessment/ health promotion is offered by the Health Visitors to all children at 7 months, 2 years and 3 years.
Childhood Immunisations Parents / guardians will receive notifications via the local community health services when immunisations are due with an appointment. Please contact us if you are unable to attend so a new appointment can be made.
Diabetes Run by specially trained nurses who offer an annual health check as well as dietary and general advice. If problems arise, patients will be referred back to their usual doctor.
Family Planning The Practice offers a range of contraceptive services via the Practice nurse or doctor during normal Surgery hours. Coil fittings are by arrangement only with a dooctor and nurse. An appointment with a doctor is necessary for contraception implants.
Hypertension The nurses run hypertension (blood pressure) clinics and there is also a blood pressure monitor in reception for your use.
Minor Surgery We have weekly clinics to remove “lumps & bumps”, moles, cysts etc. It is essential that patients have an appointment with the GP first so that the lesion can be properly assessed. If we are able to remove it at the Surgery we will arrange for patients to have an appointment at the Minor Surgery Clinic.
Smoking Cessation Smoking cessation is offered on a one-to-one basis at various times by trained advisors. Please ask at Reception if you require an appointment.
Travel The Travel Clinic is run by nurses with special training in overseas health. Patients who are planning to travel overseas, whether on business or pleasure should contact reception at least 6 weeks beforehand to inquire about their specific vaccination requirements. The nurses will give health advice as well as administer the vaccinations. Travel Vaccinations and Information Form

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